Experience a new world with digital twin technology!
A new society platform exhibition creating new values with sensing technology!

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Exhibitor Categories

Sensors, Sensor Nodes
Target Sensors:
Light, Temperature, Color, Acceleration, Gyro, Inertia, Pressure, Magnetism, Chemical, Human Presence, etc.
Elasticity, Flexibility, Wearables, Contact/non-contact, etc.
Light (photoelectric, IR, laser, fiber, etc.), Proximity, Sound wave, CMOS/CCD, MEMS, etc.
Semiconductors, Parts & Devices, Electronics
Telecommunications Devices, Network Systems
  • Short-range wireless (RFID, NFC, etc.), Wireless PAN (Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.), Wireless LAN, 5G, etc.
  • AI, Data analysis, Information processing algorithm development, Control, Image processing, etc.
Data Platform
  • Data Exchange, Data Bank, etc.
Power Sources
  • Long-life, Flexible, Energy harvesting technology, etc.
Other Related Devices & Technologies
  • Manufacturing equipment, Analysis and testing equipment, Security, Data servers, etc.
Universities, Research Institutes, Governmental Agencies, etc.

Visitor Categories

Sensor Node Manufacturers, Sensor Set Manufacturers
Fields Where the IoT Is Expected to Play a Role:
  • Automobiles, Logistics, Transport
  • FA, Automation
  • Agriculture, Environment, Disaster prevention
  • Household electronics/AV, Household equipment, Household security
  • Medicine, Welfare, Healthcare
  • Amusements
  • IT, Telecommunications
  • Infrastructure
  • Smart Store
  • Smart Material
  • Energy, Power, Gas, Water Supply etc.

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